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If you want to have full acces to our sound library, you need to install our software that will give you opportunity to download free any Drum Kit you want.

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Download instant New Lex Luger Soundfonts Download because it’s the real deal for you, and contains perfect sound design elements for creating modern beats in FL Studio or another programs who reads .wav files. You will receive over a lot quality sounds!

This Sound Pack Contains Sounfonts (sf2) similar to those used when Lex Luger creating beats.
– Bells, Organs, Brass, Horns, Strings, Violins, Choirs, Pizzicatos, Pads, Orchestra Hits and Pianos.

Lex Luger Soundfonts Sound Pack was created special by HexLoops Team for modern music producers and will be delivered digitally, so once purcase, you will receive an email with a Download link. We highly recommend to use WinRar for extracting the files.
Note: All sounds are royalty free.

Hardware and Software Compatablity: With any instrument or program that reads .WAV files !!!
We recommend you to use FL Studio!

What you want more than that?

We did the hard work for you (for a cheap price) because we want to help you to make modern beats, and to be more proffesional.

Also you can download a Free Trap Drum Kit.

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sounds good this drum kit. thank you

Just amazing drum kit! 0.o Exactly what I need!

Best regards for you guys! I really apreciate your work!! Dj Crawl

Very good prices then other sites! Awesome!

just keep working and i'll buy from this site again and again! 'cause this drum kits are amasing.

, USA 5.0 5.0 5 5 sounds good this drum kit. thank you